Defense Daily National Security Forum – Part 3

Asymmetric Threats to the Homeland - Find out how the federal government is battling asymmetric threats to the homeland. Can these threats be countered with improved intelligence sharing? Learn what technologies are in the works to detect and defeat a terrorist intent on a mass-casualty attack using guns or drones.

The most deadly terrorist strikes in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks have been carried out by individuals wielding guns and shooting people at close range. Explosive devices also remain a major concern as seen in the successful bomb attacks during the Boston Marathon in 2013 and in New York and New Jersey in 2016.

In Europe, terrorists have used guns and explosives as well as trucks to target citizens, and around the globe threats to airports and commercial aviation remain omnipresent. On the battlefield in Iraq, Islamic State forces have successfully customized small commercial drones for dropping drop grenade-size munitions with precision, raising concerns that drones could be used by terrorists inside the U.S.

Biesecker Headshot  Cal Biesecker,
Editor of Defense Daily (Moderator)

  Don LaMonaca,
 Director of Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, Battelle

  Jeffery Carroll,
 Assistant Chief, managing the Homeland Security Bureau (HSB)

Joseph M. Flynn Headshot  Joseph M. Flynn,
 Assistant Commander of the Criminal Intelligence

Henry Reyes Headshot  Henry Reyes,
 Chief, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Division, National Guard Bureau


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